Quick Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Although the carpet is quite a convenient option for flooring, but the day to day foot traffic and various other spills can make it look dirty and dingy. Who wouldn’t want to have a longer lasting and tidy carpet but you wish it was that easy. Well it’s not that difficult either. It’s just needs a routine maintenance that.

First of all, it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly. In fact, the cleaning champs and professional maids Dubai have recommended that it would be great if you are vacuuming your carpet 2-3 time a week. Removing stains is a regular part of cleaning that you must not overlook, otherwise it will be quite a headache in bulk for you ahead. In that case, you can go for store bought stain remover or even you make your own through some good DIY techniques.

What are the possible stains that could turn up stubborn enough to remove and how do you get rid of them? It’s quite a topic itself, so let’s have a closer look at it;


Are we talking about the cooking oil? It can be covered in this but there are many others as well. The word oil here is also representing the makeup, crayon and greasy stains. First of all, just try scrapping off as much of the stains as possible. Now you will be using the towel or even some cloth, just put rubbing alcohol on the soiled area. You will have to then blot it with a clean towel. If the stain is quite deep, you might need to repeat the process for couple of times.


Don’t mind rust. But practically, you do. For sure, it’s almost a ton of migraine when it comes to dealing with the rust stain on the carpet. What if we tell the easiest that needs you a very little effort to get rid of rust stains? Let the natural ingredient do its wonders. Put some lemon Juice over the rust stain, sprinkle it with the cream of tartar. Then you will have to rub the solution and let it be there for about half an hour.

Most probably, the rust will be gone within that time. Simply then blot the area with towel, or whichever cloth you are using, in clean water. Make sure you don’t scrub as it will spread the rust stain making things complicating for you. Just simply dry the area with towel.

Organic Stains

What sort of organic stains can possibly be on your carpet? There can be berries, blood and even some fruit juice spills. First of all, these stains are sure to annoy you with cleaning as they are not going to leave their place that easily. You need to use some chemical on them. Just go for the hydrogen peroxide and apply a capful or two on the stain. You can use the 3% solution that’s mostly available at the drugstores. Let it sit for over 5 minutes and then you can simply dab it with a soft wet sponge. Once done, just use the towel to dry the area.

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