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Parties or events are always much more fun when they have a theme. Themes have a unique way of creating more chances for mingling and engagement. Sure, the last thing you would want at any social event is the sound of guests busy chattering on their phones rather than interacting with each other. Contrary to what all naysayers say, having corporate event decor is not just something for junior high school dances or birthday bashes. Themes actually help to transform other events, whether it is corporate, college, marathon, or charity events.

Choosing a suitable theme for any of your upcoming business networking sessions, meetings, galas, new product launches or any reason is the key to setting the right tone for the corporate event. When you have a well-planned and thought theme, this is fundamental for the dissemination of the information through conferences, presentations, development programs, or designed learning.

The theme you choose can facilitate any of your decision to make processes regarding the menu and venue selection, conveying key messaging, all things and entertainment related to the production right from the graphics to the appropriate selection of music. Keeping this in mind, here are four tips that could help you to be more creative in your upcoming event theme ideas.

1.     The “Who Am I” Theme

For any corporate event, this is a fun game that also makes use of the “Hello, my name is” kind of stickers. As your guests arrive, you can ask your Let’s Celebrate Events planners to hand out such stickers to each guest with the name of a renowned figure. This name could be a fictional actor, celebrity, or athlete. You can put up the sticker on the back or the forehead of the person so they wouldn’t see it.

The guests can then ask other guests in the event who they are, with a series of yes and no type of questions. This is actually great and it encourages mingling and crosses discussions across staffers from different company departments that usually do not interact with others during their work hours.

2.     The Tailgating Party Theme

Typically, people associate tailgating parties with American sporting events, but it can also take place indoors as a theme for any corporate event. Although this may seem somewhat informal for any business event, it helps to get guests closer, loosens their ties, and talk about sporting activities that have no connection to work. In such a theme, you can include different barbecue type of foods and allow your guests to engage by preparing their own kebabs and steak. You can host such a theme for your corporate event at a time when a highly anticipated activity in the world of sports is set to come. You can consider renting the venue with a theatre style room with higher definition screens.

3.     English Style Theme

You can also ask your event decorators to set up a traditional, English style tea party that makes for a lovely theme for your event, where you can keep the events on a formal side without pushing too much raunchiness from your guests. For a more creative touch, you can hire helpers and also give the theme a Downtown Abbey theme and serve biscotti and tea. An outdoor location could also make a pleasing venue for such events.

You can incorporate a good variety of flavors in the teas such as enhancers, honey, and sugar granules. You could also include pink lemonade, coffee and keep some bottled water for non-tea drinkers. In addition, you can ask your event caterers to keep light finger desserts and foods such as club sandwiches, cupcakes, sliced fruit, veggie platters, and more.

4.     Karaoke Party Theme

Having a Karaoke theme party is much self-explanatory. For any corporate event, all it requires is a karaoke machine, a few alcoholic cocktails, a microphone and some lighting to encourage the guests to come up on stage. If you wish to bring your guests together, this is one of the best corporate event ideas, from the newest recruits to the event manager and singing a few songs together. When guests sing in a group, it will push everyone to work together and for a few moments, everyone should be equals with no superiors and subordinates. This helps to break the ice and transform the atmosphere of the formal event.

You can also transform the singing to a contest. Such competitions can also have some game touch to it, such as trivia questions like who sang the song first or some fill the lyrics type of games.

When planning a corporate event, you should know there are shortages to the ideas to take the event to the next level and make it a memorable one. By incorporating a theme, the event will receive a direction and does not become one of those generic parties of the party where your staffers would just come for the sake of attending or for some free food.

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