Quick Tips to Do the Perfect Car Wash

Do you want to maintain the beautiful appearance of your vehicle? Truly, a simple car wash is simply one of the best ways to do that. Did you know that most of you are washing your cars in the wrong way? Since the plenty of ideas and innovations keep on arriving into the automobile industry, there are now many ways introduced to wash cars. Since many of you do it the wrong way, that’s why it take a hell lot of your time and effort.

Therefore, you can follow a few tips and tricks that will help you get rid of unsightly scratches, swirls and even the spider-webbing that could be caused due to improper car wash. Whether you do it yourself or get it done by some Nissan Service in Dubai, these tips should be followed. So let’s dive in now

2-Bucket Trick

So what you usually do? You simply grab a single bucket, fill it with water, gab a rag and spray down the car. While cleaning, you constantly dunk a dirty rag not that same wash bucket. Funny but, you are actually mixing your clean water with the same dirt and grime you were willing to remove. In order to get rid of this not-so-worthy habit, you can go for a better practice.

Simply grab the 2 buckets. One bucket should have the soapy water and the other one should have water only. This way you will be cleaning you rag simultaneously while cleaning your car with soapy water. Simple yet effective.

Grit Guards

As we all know, the Grit Guards are one of the latest car washing tools. Grit Guard is mainly an addition that’s placed into the bottom of your wash. It’s actually meant to rinse the buckets that help in extracting dirt particles from the wash mitt. Furthermore, they also allow the dirt to sink at the bottom of bucket alongside providing a clean wash mitt when you go back to the bucket for clean water.


Make sure that you choose the correct soap in order to wash your car with. For sure, it’s truly a critical choice that will determine the amount of effort washing your car takes. Just mark this point, you must never use dish soap to wash your car! It actually contains powerful detergents that are not advisable to be used on your car. In fact, they will not only strip the grime, dirt and oil from the paint of your car but also wax protection you might have applied earlier. 

Drying Towel

According to the Nissan car service in Dubai, one must not overlook the drying step. What most of the people do, they simply grab an old cotton bathroom towel in order to do the drying job. But you may know this or not, the fabrics like cotton are not only too aggressive to be used on your car’s paint but also can leave behind dreaded scratches and swirls.


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