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Consumer electronics are the most popular items purchased online nowadays due to the convenience of delivery on door and payment. Some prefer online shopping due to deals and discounts on special occasions.

Even the biggest electronic retail stores are now providing the option to shop online following the digital and ecommerce trend. To avoid fraud or risk of making the wrong purchase, here’re a few tips to help you shop for electronics through the internet.

  1. A clear idea of what you wish to buy

Regardless of the evaluation-oriented features such as guides and reviews, online shopping isn’t preferred for almost every item but things are quite different for consumer electronics. Still, the best approach is to carefully think of what you wish buying, compare the good with various online platforms and actual store, contact the sales service and then place the order. In short, have everything cleared from the start!

  1. Cost matters

Like every product you purchase be it online or at store, cost is an important factor of overall buying decision. Same rule’s applicable here as you should know the cost of item to-be purchased, look for deals and discounts offered on special occasions such as New Year, Cyber Monday and so on. Be careful not to exceed your budget as consumer electronics are tempting enough to empty your wallet all at once!

  1. Use advanced search tools

No doubt, World Wide Web today is puddled with online sellers of consumer electronics that searching for simplest item would return an endless list, enough to leave you overwhelmed. Use exclusive and multiple keywords to search for more specific items per the features, specifications, make and model you actually want.

Look for custom search options which are quite helpful to refine the search per the price, location and many other auction details. Also conduct your search per the specific items that you want such as brand name, model and more. Use product finders for the type of item you want specified results.

  1. Don’t be tempted with low price

A common mistake most of the beginners make with online shopping is temptation to low price. Read item listing carefully and extract as much information as possible so as to take informed decision and make the right purchase. Give weight to sellers who describe item’s condition in detail such as “used but functional, brand new in a box and so on. Read the return and shipment policies alongside the warranty details in case the product is defective or unsatisfactory.

  1. Check seller’s feedback

Reviewing feedback of every seller is most important in taking a decision whether and which item to purchase. A general rule of thumb; never buy online electronics having feedback below 97-percent whereas strong preference must be given to those bearing nearly 99-percent. In case you come across any complaints concerning the item, shipping process or customer care; it’s a warning sign thus must be avoided at all costs.


Always make sure your electronics are reliable and purchase from globally acclaimed retailers such as Sharaf DG in the UAE.

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