Breast Cancer Causes and Symptoms

Breast cancer can be compared to chocolate chip cookies. The ones that look that they have a ton of chips in them are actually not that good but the ones that have a plain look to them are the most flavourful.  This is comparable to breast cancer because women who are at a very low risk for breast cancer (at times no risk at all) may develop breast cancer and the ones who are at a high risk, don’t get it.

Causes of breast cancer 

A  big cause of breast cancer is if you have a family history of the same. Risks are more for women who have had ovarian or breast cancer before and have different types of lumps in their breasts.

If you’re a woman who’s sister, daughter or mother has had breast cancer, then you’re 2-3 times more likely to get this disease. First degree relatives getting affected by it affects you in turn as well. The two genes that have been identified as being responsible for familial breast cancer are BRCA2 and BRCA1. One in two hundred women carry these genes. However this does not mean that having this gene ensures that the woman will get breast cancer.

Women who are older than 50 are very likely to get breast cancer than women who are much younger. Also not a racial fact, but African-American women are more susceptible to breast cancer before they hit menopause. The breast cancer treatment cost in india depends on a lot of factors starting from age to how far has the cancer spread.

The actual symptoms of Breast Cancer

The word actual has been used in the heading because there are a lot of symptoms around that constantly talk about breast cancer but sometimes these are nothing to worry out. The following symptoms will tell you what you should actually look out for.

  1. A lump or a mass which looks and feels as small as a pea.
  2. Changes in the breast in a lot of aspects. The size, contour and the shape changes a lot.
  3. There is discharge from the nipple even when you’re not lactating. This discharge  can be clear fluid like or blood stained.
  4. There is a change in how the breast feels. It can be scaly, dimpled, inflamed or puckered.
  5. There might be one area on the breast that is significantly different from any other area on any part of the breast.
  6. There is an area under the skin which is a little hardened.

Common occurrences that can lead to breast cancer:

If you have taken birth control pills in the recent past then you are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. However staying away from them for a period of at least ten years is not risky for your body anymore. Heavy doses of radiation therapy is a very important factor in causing cancer. However, this should not worry you about going for a mammogram because it’s effects are almost nil.

There is also a link between breast cancer and the food you eat. Some people don’t find a link but others say that obesity and drinking alcohol regularly promotes cancer.


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