Do you want to plan a visit to one of the most exciting and wonderful cities that India has to offer? Well, if you are looking for a metropolitan that will carve an experience of a lifetime in your memory, then certainly Ahmedabad is a very good city to start with!

Not only are there really highly reviewed and rated luxurious ahmedabad hotels where you can plan your stay, but there are some very interesting places to visit in this city of many wonders. Well, if you are wondering what are the places and reasons that make Ahmedabad such an ideal fit, then here are some reasons to ponder over:

  • First and foremost there are plenty of places to see in Ahmedabad which are historically very relevant. The Gandhi Ashram tops these places of interest. It was built on the banks of the River Sabarmati under the supervision of Mahatma Gandhi in an attempt to promote a life without excess and without class divisions. Today it has been turned into an archive of his efforts and his way of life and when you visit you can also see the room from where he worked and the spinning wheel with which he spun his own cloth. A tour of the ashram promises it be a really interesting one.
  • Ahmedabad is not famous just for hard-core interesting tourist spots There are so many places here that are ideal for relaxing, like the Kankaria Lake. This is the largest lake of the city and it gets decked up with lights in the evening where you can take a lazy stroll or unwind after a day of tiring sightseeing. The winter carnival held here is also worth experiencing. If you want you can also visit the Sabarmati River Front if you are craving for some time by the river!
  • One very important reason for which you ought to start sifting through the 5 star hotels in Ahmedabad and get your bookings done in one of them is the local cuisine. Yes, you have to try out the gujarati thali to know what the real taste of Gujarat is like. The theplas and dhoklas will surely take your taste buds for a lovely treat. Couple it with some road side snacks and the famous ketli milk tea and you will know what Gujarati food is all about.
  • There is hardly a dearth of interesting places in Ahmedabad, of which Manek Chowk is one. This jewellery shops lane by day turns into a food hub at night with midnight snacks being served out of stalls. Manek Chowk at night is something that you ought to visit when here.
  • And last but not the least, there are many places of interest which are located near Ahmedabad. You can visit Gandhinagar, the capital of the state, Champaner, a typical Gujarati village with an exciting heritage, some cities of Rajasthan which are quite nearby and a lot more!

So, when it comes to Ahmedabad, it makes one of the best metropolitans in the country that have a lot to offer for that craving traveller inside you.

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