Mobile Learning

What is mobile learning?

Education is a process of studying to gain knowledge and skills in various fields. Mobile learning is the form of education which is conducted through electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops. With the help of the internet, people can learn through YouTube videos, other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, news apps as well as eLearning apps which provide online education. eLearning is also called web-based learning. This type of education is helpful not only for students but also for working professionals. There are many eLearning apps that offer online courses like BYJU’S where you get instant study materials once you have registered. For example, if a class 8 NCERT student is looking for maths solutions, he/ she has to just type NCERT Maths Solutions Class 8.

Benefits of mobile learning:


Students can learn from multiple mobile devices as learning is not restricted to a particular mobile phone. Learners can be of two types. Students and working professionals. Students can take up the class any number of times until they are clear with the topic as each student has his/her own learning pace. Working professionals can take up classes as per their convenience in the day or night, or while traveling.

YouTube and social media groups:

YouTube is a self-learning platform where people can learn while they watch videos. Some of the examples are learning yoga while watching yoga video, similarly, people can learn cooking, playing musical instruments, dancing, making school/college projects etc. Apart from just calling or texting, social media channels like WhatsApp and Facebook play a crucial role in every high school/college student’s life! Study materials, assignments, last minute internal questions, lab manual etc. are also been exchanged through online social groups 

Money, Travel, Environment:

Traveling to a physical place for learning, example traveling to the classroom is not required. Nowadays study materials are available online in the form of ebooks, PDFs etc. and since assessments or tests are also written online, use of paper is reduced. Due to all these factors, there is a positive impact on the environment as there is: no air pollution, no noise pollution, no destruction of trees for paper.


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