Guajarati Dishes

It is obvious that Gujarat is the undivided part off our culture. And so the Guajarati people. They are best known for their cheerful and melancholy nature. They always carry their tradition wherever they go. It is one of the reason that we find the Gujarati cuisine in any restaurant of India. In this article I am going to introduce some of the delicious Gujarati dishes that will make your mouth watery. Let’s have a look.


When we look to thepla it look likes parathas but it is little different from it.  What makes it different that it is made from wheat, spices and Methi. This is mixed well in dough. Now, they are cooked and served with various pickles or curry.



This is another delicious dish from Gujarat. In evidently,

Dhokla symbolizes Gujarati and most of them Dhokla is nearest of their heart. It is made by fermented rice and chick peas. When served with tamarind chutney gives a tangy-mangy tastes are often fried with curry leaves to give it an exotic flavour.



There are number of dishes in Gujarati cuisine that look similar but has variation in tastes. One such dish is Handva. It is the single layer bread often cooked in frying pan or Handva cooker. When tempered with oil along with mustard, cumin seeds, and curry leaves, peas, garlic, ginger, green chillies and coriander. Gives mind blowing taste when served with green chutney.



Undhiyo dish proves that Gujarati people are very rich in taste. It is seasonal dish and often prepared during kite festival. Different vegetables are stuffed with spices dipped in oil then cooked tastes marvellous. Traditionally it is cooked in earthen pots turning upside down.



It is suitable for people who likes light food. It is beneficial for heart because very less amount of oil is required. It can be easily prepared at home and can be served as appetizer. It can be cooked using gram flour along with suitable amount of curd.  It can be enjoyed with different chutneys made of green chillies or dates.


So, in this vacation if you are willing to visit Gujarat I will surely advise you to taste it once. If you have no plans then you can cook them in your home availing some amazing Flipkart deals and Flipkart offers on cookbooks and cutlery.

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