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First of all, we would like to congratulate our users for buying a brand new range extender. This is one of the finest decisions taken by you. The range extender is not only an electronic device, used for setup and configure. It is the hope of the people in today’s world of modern technology. This device will spread the range of your existing WiFi network from courtyard to the backyard of the house. Not only this, it also spread the Internet range to that corners/ area of the house that is declared as dead zones.

  • Here, you would acquire an updated firmware of the router to connect with the newly arrived range extender.
  • Plug both the devices within range of each other and let the power light on both the devices start blinking.
  • After that, launch a web browser onto your computer. For this, you have to connect your computer with the range extender (temporary).
  • Once opened with the web browser, you have to type net not working into field of the address bar.
  • If you failed to access the above-mentioned site, try using another web browser.

Note: Clear all the browsing history, cache, cookies, malware, and malicious files from your PC before getting into another web browser.

Mywifiext.net Login

Once you have successfully logged into www.mywifiext.net you would acquire to fill the default details of login credentials to the required fields. You can easily get the default details in the manual steps or by IT experts on toll-free number 1-888-927-4505. It is the most useful website, used to configure the settings of new as well as the old range extender/ router.

Note: The default details shouldn’t be changed before the process of Netgear Extender Setup. After that, you can change them at the very next minute of your configuration. Consider a network name of about 5-8 charters and password of about 13-16 characters. Both of them supposed to be blend of digits, number, and alphabets. Do not do the mistake of using dictionary words.

Set your own VPN server in Three Easy Steps

  1. Purchase a Router filled with VPN Capabilities

Before applying the process on your own, you can go for a VPN solution (pre-built). Today, mostly every router has the feature of VPN servers inbuilt in it. You just have to go for a wireless router that supports the VPN server. After that, you can make use of your own router’s web interface to configure and enable the VPN server.

  1. Create your own Dedicated VPN Server

The use of a VPN server can be installed both on your computer and laptop. On the other hand, Windows offer an inbuilt way to host VPNs and Apple’s server. It also lets you to set up your own VPN server that is completely safe and reliable. Similarly, third-party Virtual Private Network (open VPN) is also safe to be installed and configure to on device. On the other hand, there is an option available to roll your own dedicated VPN device.

  1. Host your own VPN Server

With the help of web hosting provider, you can easily set up your individual VPN server at home. Trust us, this will definitely be a handful of bucks, much cheaper than a month going with a service provider of VPN server. Similarly, you just have to pay a small amount to the hosting provider for server hosting and install a VPN server provided to you by the VPN server provider. Be certain to configure the VPN server in a private network.

Contact either Netgear Extender Support or Mywifiext.net Support for issues related to the Internet, extender setup or Mywifiext.

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