Free Teleconference Calling

Free teleconference calling facilities has change the way businesses communicate, allowing multiple them to communicate with multiple individuals at the same time, hereby reducing cost and saving time. They also help businesses to connect with clients, vendors, employees etc while lowering cost in form of reduced travelling cost, saving time, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Some of the best open sourced free teleconference calling platform available for users are mentioned below.

  1. ezTalks Meetings

One of the best free teleconference calling platforms, ezTalks Meetings offers good quality teleconferencing facilities with good audio quality and allows up to 100 participants in a single free teleconference call and has features like screen sharing, content sharing, private and group chatting, record and playback facility, live broadcast of webinars etc.

  1. FreeBridge

This free teleconferencing is very popular with businesses for sales business and training seminars with a large audience. Its features include letting over 100 participants to join a single conference call, easy to use and connect and is streamlined for business use etc.

  1. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest teleconference free platforms. It allows high quality audio calling and teleconferencing, up to 25 participants can participate in a single webinar or teleconferencing and it’s a highly secured platform.

  1. Rehuddle

It is a easy to use and user friendly free teleconferencing calling platform, highly flexible and easy to access.

  1. OpenVoice

This free teleconference call platform is suitable for people who travel often and required to manage their work during their travels. Its features include creation of static reports, conference calls with up to 500 participants, easy to create calling groups.

  1. SendHub

This is a simple and easy to use free teleconferencing calling platform and it offers easy accessibility, has a user friendly interface. This platform also is highly flexible and adaptable and can be modified to suit preference to the user, offers at affordable rates.

The above mentioned free teleconferencing calling platforms, each has its unique features and uses, and before selecting a suitable platform for their business needs, a business should carefully analyse their needs and requirements before selecting a platform for their business.

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