Study Technique Students Should Adopt

Nowadays, most students just memorize whatever is needed for the exam. So in essence, the student gains superficial knowledge because they do not actually understand the concept in depth. But memorization is not an inherently bad practice. After all, some concepts do have to be memorized as they form the basis for any concept. From an examination perspective, having the right approach to studies is crucial. It can mean the difference between getting a good grade to barely scraping by. So here are a few tips and suggestions all students should consider if they want to have a better learning experience.


Usually, NCERT Solutions For Class 8 has a vast plethora of topics to cover. The sheer volume of the syllabus to cover might overwhelm students. So one of the best techniques to overcome this hurdle is called information chunking. Here, a concept or a topic is broken up into small, digestible fragments that can easily be comprehended. The idea behind this technique is to reduce the mental strain a student experiences when they read long, complicated blocks of texts. Using flashcards is the best tool to accomplish this task. Furthermore, memorization becomes much more efficient, comprehending and understanding difficult concepts becomes easier – and this translates to better performance in the exam.


Most students and even adults might remember their nursery rhymes which they studied several years ago. This is possible because we tend to remember information that has been visualized. So, this technique aims to blend the idea of visualizing information through various charts and diagrams. For instance, nearly any big blocks of texts can be represented in the form of  a flowchart or a tree-diagram. For instance, NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science tells us about Respiration in Organisms. And we do know that all organisms do not respire the same way as humans do. And there are even organisms that do not breathe oxygen (they are called anaerobes)! This information can be easily represented in the form of a flowchart or a tree-diagram for improved readability and understanding. Furthermore, it acts a quick- reference tool for exam preparations.

Therefore, using flowcharts and diagrams are very efficient as it improves the student’s learning experience without inducing unnecessary mental strain or fatigue. Explore interesting science-related articles and pages on MY NCERT SOLUTIONS website. We deliver quality content that is developed by our team of experienced professionals in the field of education.


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