Breast cancer

Breast cancer is very common and dangerous disease for women in the world. It is very popular among the American women. Out of eight women, one is affected by the breast cancer. There is various type of breast cancer available and which are spread all over the breast tissue very fast with lots of risk factors.

Breast cancer is basically a malignant tumor of the breast which arises from the breast tissue. It mainly occurs in the women body and but men can also get affected by it. At the initial stage of it you can found lymph at you breast which changes the shape of the breast and dimpling the skin and after all these things a fluid comes out from the nipple. You can feel bone pain, breathing shortness, yellow skin or swollen lymph of nodes.

Some serious symptoms of breast cancer are:

  • Present lump at armpit or breast.
  • Inverted nipple.
  • Discharge blood from the nipple.
  • Breast pain or sore at the nipples.
  • Change of size or shape of your breast.
  • At neck or armpit lymph gets swollen.

There are many risk factor is available for developing the breast cancer of your body are lack of physical exercise, obesity, therapy of hormone replacement, early age first menstruation, ionizing radiation and having children at late. Another some potential risks are lack chance of childbearing and breastfeeding. Bad diet process and overweight make the chance of breast cancer to take care of your health and make sure that you are maintaining a proper diet with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Smoking is also a cause of cancer which increases the risk of breast cancer from 35% to 50%. Genetics is also the cause of breast cancer. There is 5-10% cancer happens to the genetics.

The diagnosis process of breast cancer is biopsy which can do by the microscopic analysis of the affected area of the laboratory. In many cases, MRI is also needed for diagnosis purpose. The best breast cancer treatment in India is available which is really great for the recovering purpose. There are several types of breast cancer are available which are:

  • Histopathology: It is the initial stage of breast cancer.
  • Grade: It compares the appearance of breast cancer of any normal breast tissue.
  • Stage: The stage of cancer is dependent on the size and conditions of lymph. At stage 0 it is at the pre-cancerous condition. At the stage of 1-3, the breast is with regional lymph. The stage is stage 4 when all cancer spread all over the breast.

Conclusion: However, breast cancer is very difficult to diagnosis and you do not get any pain at the initial stage of it. When you understand the abnormality of your breast then the disease will reach the advanced stage to take care of your body with proper food. There are much prevention are also available like maintain a good lifestyle, do pre-emptive surgery, medication and make proper screening test of your breast to save yourself from this serious disease.

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