CBSE Board VS ICSE Board

Decades ago, we  don’t  have  much option  in order  to  choose  better  schools  for  our  kids but this  problem  is  no  longer  prevailing.

We have  numerous  option  these  days  as  there  are  different  board,  schools  are  affiliated  with  like  CBSE,ICSE  or  Haryana Board. There  are  many  CBSE  schools  in India  and  therefore  many  ICSE  schools   in India  as  well. As  you  have  numerous  option, it could  be  difficult  for  you  being  a  parent  to  make  better  choice for  your  child. But you could observe these signs before taking decision. The signs could be essential to focus on:

  • Observe  their  mental  caliber

2)        Development of the children

Generally,  education  system  has been  split  into  three  parts  such as  primary, secondary  and  senior secondary. Also  the  recognized  boards  for higher academic credential  are  State Board, CBSE Board  and  ICSE Board. There  is  a  significant  difference  between  two  boards  related  to the syllabus, rules  and  regulations. Table 1 shows the  case  study or distinction  between  these  two  boards.

              Sr.No               CBSE Board              ICSE Board
               1. Acronym  for  CBSE  Board  is  Central  Board  of  Secondary  Education Acronym  for  ICSE  Board  is Indian  Certificate  of  Secondary  Education
               2. CBSE  Board  Is  Board  which  is  recognized  by  Indian  Government  ICSE is a school certification examination board. After  matriculation  it  becomes  Indian  School  Certificate
               3. The  examination  medium  can  be both Hindi or English  The  examination  medium in this board  is English only.
               4. As  compared  to  ICSE, CBSE Board  does not provide  much  flexible  and  luxurious  environment  to  students. ICSE emphasizes on English literature, lab works, and more practical work which provide flexible environment.
              5. CBSE Board  used  Grading  System  for  examination  result ICSE Board uses both Grading and Marks System for examination result.
              6. The  syllabus  covered  by  CBSE  examination  helps your child to  clear  various  exams  such  as  UGC, ALEEE and many other  exams that are  conducted  by  CBSE. So  the  aim  of  CBSE Board  is  also  to  pass the students apart  from  academic   results  The  syllabus prepare  for  ICSE  Board  is in  such  a way  that  they  gave  weightage  to all  the  subjects  rather  to  focus  on  single  one. ICSE  Board  mainly  focus  on  English  Literature  to create  a  flexible  environment
             7. Central  Board  Of  Secondary  Education  is  a  Board  Of  Education  for both public  and  private  schools. Indian  Certificate  Of  Secondary  Education  is  a  Board  Of  Education  for  private and  non-governmental  board   of  school  education  in INDIA, for grade 10.
            8. A  certificate  from  the  Central  Board  Of  Education  is  recognized  throughout  the  country Certification  under  the  Indian  Certificate  Of  Secondary  Education  Board  will  be  recognized  around  the  world
           9. Many  students  find  the  syllabus  is  easier  than Indian  Certificate  Of  Secondary  Education  Board Many  students  find  the  syllabus  is little complex  and extensive  than  Central  Board  Of  Secondary  Education  Board
             10. CBSE  Board is  easier to find  when  you  move  to  a  new  place  As  compared  to  CBSE Board  ICSE  board  is quite find  difficult  when  you  move  to  a  new  place
            11. As  compared  to  ICSE  Board finding   tutors  who help  student  with  the syllabus  are  more  accessible As  compared  to  CBSE Board   finding tutors  who  help  student  with the syllabus it is lot tougher  due  to  low  number  of schools  following  this board

Hence  there  are  various  pros  and  cons  of  both CBSE Board  and ICSE  Board in  comparison with  their  syllabus, academic  rules and  result  system. Both  the  Board  provide  excellent  quality  of  education  and  it  depend  on your child’s  strength  to  conclude  right  choice.

                                  MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE TO   MAKE A BETTER FUTURE

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