Mussoorie is a beautiful hill station situated at a distance of nearly thirty five kilometres from Dehradun in Uttarakhand. The place relishes a great footfall throughout the year. There are many spots in this hill station that keep the visitors lured and entertained. Be it individuals, newly married couples, families, friend groups or tourists; everyone visit this station for unwinding!

Even the Hotels in Mussoorie are beautifully constructed and enveloped in natural charm and delight.  While there are myriad waterfalls, beautiful natural sites and peaks; you can also experience spirituality. Just check out Famous Shrines of Mussoorie below:

Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji Temple is beautifully situated at a distance of nearly nine kilometres west from Mussoorie. The temple is at a height of nearly 2,240 meters above the sea level. The temple enshrines a periods old artistic idol of the Goddess Durga who is the embodiment of sublime beauty and extreme power in Hindu mythology.

Talking about its architecture, Jwalaji Temple is gorgeously constructed in white and caters an outstanding view.  The shrine is encircled with hypnotic sites and outstanding ambience.  The luxurious green forests and happening vistas decorate this shrine with plenty of grandeur.  The pilgrims visit this beautiful temple in a large number to seek the sanctifications of Goddess Durga. The rush is double during the time of festivals and different occasions. You can find a great merriment and footfall during the time of Navratri.

Tibetan Buddhist

If you actually want to explore the deep spiritual side of Mussoorie then you must not miss a visit to gorgeous Tibetan Buddhist Temple. The temple is stunningly snuggled in the Happy Valley and has amazing views of spellbinding valleys and imperial mountains that surround this primeval hill station.

Again, talking about the architecture of this stunning temple, it is a mixture of breeze of colours and has bright walls and pinnacle blooms in different shades. The whole ambience here is packed with composure and serenity. The feel of holiness amidst uplifting natural beauty is transcendent. You can feel so much of pleasure, spirituality, artistic charm and natural abundance at this spot. People not just spend time at seeking blessings of this temple but also stay within its campus to experience artistic and natural charm too.

Christ Church

Apart from temples, there is a popular and artistic church too named Christ church. This lovely Christ Church is believed to be the most ancient church in this whole Himalayan region. It was built in year 1836 by British.  The church claims brilliant Gothic chic architecture. The elegant pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows, displaying the life events of Jesus Christ fascinate everyone. Not just the Christian but people belong to all beliefs visit this spot. The church is beautifully constructed and the location is an icing on the cake.

So, the bottom line is that the hill station has everything from exciting Mussoorie hotels to stimulating destination. Spirituality, romance, thrill, adventure and natural charm; everything can be relished in the realm of Mussoorie. After all, this hill station of Uttarakhand enjoys a distinct place because of its charm and magnificence only.

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