Birthday Cakes

It can be quite a task to choose the perfect birthday cake for your dear one from the ocean of cakes that are available in the market. We have narrowed it down for you so you can pick one for everyone from your friends and family.

  1. For the little one

Birthdays of your little loved ones are what excite you the most. They love everything loud and colourful for their birthday party and that includes the cake too. So, when you are choosing cakes for younger kids go for the ones which are decorated with pretty fondant work. Keep in mind their favorite colour and the animated characters they like and order a cake which ties these elements together. Also keep in mind their flavour of choice while ordering the cake. You can have each of these cakes personalize with little personal messages for the birthday girl or boy before the birthday cake delivery while you order.

  1. For the lovely Grannnies and Granddads

They love celebrating their birthdays as much as little kids do. While choosing cake for the older generation, go for classic flavour and simple styles. You can pick a vanilla sponge cake which sandwiches luscious strawberry jam and butter cream. It is one of the most classic cakes which will fill them with nostalgia and fond memories of their youth. If you want to cut down on the calorie rich butter cream and go for a lighter cake then you can choose an Elizabeth sponge cake. It is a light cake which is super fruity in flavour and sandwiches some delicious apricot jam in between its layers.

  1. For the Coffee Lover

The best cake for the ones who cannot stay away from their morning cuppa is a rich coffee cake. This cake can energize the entire party in a jiffy. The coffee flavour of the coffe sponge cake is elevated by the addition of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg while the sultanas in the cake adds to the richness and cuts through the rich flavour. The cake is speckled with coffee beans on top for subtle decoration which makes it look very minimal yet fancy. It is sandwiched with a thick rich layer of vanilla butter cream. For the Chocolate Lover

  1. For the Chocoholic

Who doesn’t love chocolates! It is one of the most favourite flavours of all times. You can order a classic chocolate sponge cake which is a luxurious, moist chocolate sponge sandwiching a rich and flavoursome butter cream icing made with the exotic Belgium Chocolate. If you want to experiment with a little new and innovative flavour then you can pick a chocolate orange sponge cake. The fresh orange flavour imparted by the orange oil subtly cuts through the rich flavour of the chocolate in the cake making it a heavenly fusion.

  1. Sharing is Caring

If you want a cake for everyone to share and enjoy for the birthday then go for the traditional and bountiful sharing cake which merges slices from different cakes to form the entire cake so everyone can pick one they like. It is a way where the whole family can come together at the dinner table. You can order birthday cakes online and get them delivered to you on time without a worry.

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