Common Infections During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes women susceptible to different types of bacterial infections. Bladder infection can be called as the commonest of them. Here the bladder mostly gets inflamed as the growth of bacteria inside it causes a blockage in the drainage of urine, due to the growing size of the uterus. Possible symptoms of urinary bladder infection consists of a burning sensation or experience of pain during urination. A tenderness or pressure can be felt at the area where the bladder resides. Also increase in the urge of urination is noticeable.

Oral antibiotics are mostly given for bladder infections in pregnant women. However a bladder infection might sometimes accompany an infection in the kidneys. Infection in kidneys can be a serious issue because, it might cause unfortunate premature labor and the child from mother having kidney infection is generally born with low birth weight. Bladder infection hence should not be left untreated because it might result in the development of a kidney infection in the later stage. Also if the infection in the bladder is treated on time it does not cause any significant threats to the developing fetus. Common symptoms of kidney infection include nausea, chills, vomiting, fever and even lower back pain. In severe cases if you have to be admitted to hospital due to the infection in kidneys, they usually keep you and your baby safe to monitor you closely.

Heartburn meds during pregnancy is required quite often because, heartburn becomes chronic in pregnancy. Chorioamnionitis is caused when a bacteria invades the outer membrane of the chorion and amnion. It results in serious complications like heavy loss of blood during pregnancy as well as bacteraemia. Chorioamnionitis is usually suspected when the mother has persistent fever, uterine tenderness, increased heart rate of both the mother and the baby as well as a smelly amniotic fluid. Such a condition when all the symptoms are present is considered to be a medical emergency. And it requires intravenous antibiotics which are however safe in pregnancy.

Pregnancy infections medicines which are safe to use are commonlyfound in the drug store. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal infection during pregnancy. The vagina of women naturally contains many bacteria which maintains the vaginal health. Lactobacilli is one such of them. If there is a subsequent decrease in the concentration of lactobacilli and the overgrowth of other bacteria in there, the vagina becomes susceptible to many bacterial infections. It increases the risk of a probable premature delivery and complications in birth which might also leads to the death of the fetus.A very unpleasant and smelly vaginal discharge is the most common symptom affiliated with bacterial vaginosis.

Group B Streptococcal infection is one of the most life threatening infections in the newborn child. Streptococcal infection can also happen to the mother. It mostly causes bladder infection, stillbirth and endometritis. Sometimes it does not show any symptom and that is when it becomes hard to detect the disease. A premature labor might result if the water line of the mother breaks earlier than expected. Preterm labor might also occur if the mother has contracted fever in labor.

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