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When you discover that you have a bee or wasp nest on your property, contact a bee and wasp control specialist like Pest Control Berkshire.

Please resist any temptation to handle the issue yourself because your actions could place you in danger and increase environmental issues. To the public the obvious way to remove wasps and their nest is to kill them; in extreme cases this has led to people setting fire to the nest and boiling the wasps with water from the kettle. Never do this; one, you’re likely to suffer using drastic DIY methods and two, wasp nest removal is the optimum course of action; causing death is rare when dealing with colonies.

Why don’t bees and wasp control experts kill them?

Wasps are integral to a healthy ecosystem, their pest control activities around crops helps maintain our food sources and to replicate this and bees beneficial habit of cross pollinating as they roam would cost over £1 billion in the UK per annum.

The UK’s most prevalent species of wasp are the German and common wasp. They’re striped yellow and black and the pattern varies by species. These wasps are approximately 10-18mm long and their lifespans vary. While the queen can survive for over a year, the female workers live for just a few weeks and males live only until they mate.

The British Pest Control Association confirms that one nest may produce 3,000-8,000 wasps in one year.

A hornet is larger than a wasp at approximately 40mm in length. The European hornet is orange-red with brown stripes. It’s the most likely to be encountered.

Don’t get stung

Wasps prefer to create nests in a quiet, safe space indoors, or in a tree trunk, and they like to have easy access to the outdoors. They use wood which they chew in to a pulp as a building material and their nests are papery and wonderfully ornate; they are truly artists.

Wasps don’t swarm as bees do, but they pose a risk to humans.

Remaining calm around a wasp nest is imperative to help prevent stings. Your natural impulse may be to thrash your arms, run and scream but this makes them feel threatened and to defend themselves they sting. A wasp will emit pheromones which triggers aggression in the rest of the colony’s population. Female wasps can sting repeatedly because they don’t leave the stinger behind.

Imagine being at the top of a ladder as you do battle with a wasp colony, a fall to the floor or ground is probable, don’t risk your safety.

Very few people suffer fatal effects or anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting, but if you’re concerned then medical advice should be sought. Most victims of stings just experience a couple of days of discomfort.

Wasp nest removal firms like Pest Control Berkshire are in constant demand; their trained and experienced teams know how to achieve tasks humanely without incurring pain.

Please call in experts today. It’ll be less hazardous and more rewarding.

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