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Continental is one of those cuisines which have something for everyone. Whether it may be an elaborately baked item or a simple dish of pasta, continental cuisine has some really special dishes up its sleeves.

Well if you are a fan of this cuisine then you must know by now these dishes are generally very rich and creamy and hence are best had during the winter months. However there are a few continental dishes that you can eat anytime of the year! Want to know which one they are? Let’s take a look:

  1. Fish and chips: Let us start with a popular appetizer item from the land of Great Britain. The Brits surely know how to begin their meal with a lovely palate cleanser of fish and chips. This is basically a dish of a fillet fish with a coating which is deep fried and is accompanied with fried potatoes. It is best enjoyed along with a dip of any sauce which lends the dish a different flavour altogether. So if you are looking for a lovely appetiser to begin your meal with, then this is the dish for you.
  2. Pasta: Straight from the ovens of Italy comes this heavenly dish. It is pretty easy to make and you can refer to any pasta recipe online for proper instructions. Pasta can be made with a variety of cheese which makes the dish taste really good. It is easy to make and is had quite frequently at home. If you want something white and creamy then opt for pasta in white sauce and if you are looking for something more on the tangy side of the palate, then the perfect option for you would be pasta in red sauce.
  3. Chicken stroganoff: This is one dish which is a classic favourite of all. This is made with fresh cream and hence is best had with bread and if you prefer, some white or red wine. This dish has a sophistication of its own and is very easy to make too if you have the ingredients ready at home. This is one continental recipe which is enjoyed along with rice as well! Try this one out, any time of the year for a proper continental feast.
  4. Pie: We all know about and love pies. Pies can be sweet or salty depending on what it is made up of. Minced meat pies are a sure to be a hit any time of the year and if you are looking for something sweet, then do try out an apple or blueberry pie!
  5. Cheesecake: When the talk turns to sweet, you cannot but ignore the presence of cheesecakes. Blueberry cheesecakes are a particular favourite of many and can be prepared at home without any baking! After a hearty continental meal, there is nothing like some sweet and hence a cheesecake would make the perfect end of a meal.

These are five continental dishes that you can try out anytime of the year and enjoy a happy meal!

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