Courses in Science Colleges

Upon completing class-XII or the final year of school, students generally have a number of options. These include the stream they can specialize in and the college(s) they can focus on. In particular, science subjects along with mathematics makes them eligible for various courses related to different subjects. This includes courses related to the Science stream itself and those related to the Humanities and Commerce streams as well.

Among the available choices, they can select a specific course in a science college of their choice. This consists of a wide variety of options including popular and lucrative ones. Each of these, in turn, provide students opportunities for graduate and further studies. But the beginning, of course, is the B.Sc. Course, which forms the first stepping-stone towards a successful career. 

What is a B.Sc? Degree? 

The full form of B.Sc. is Bachelor of Science and this is an undergraduate degree. Students can choose from two options in this regard, that is, B.Sc. (Honours) or B.Sc. (General). To be eligible for B.Sc. courses, they need to complete class-XII with physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics besides other subjects. 

It is a specific combination of these four subjects, which is important and varies according to the courses. For instance, ‘PCMB’ (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) makes students eligible for all courses. While ‘PCB’ (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), makes them eligible only for, Botany for example.

It is also good to remember that there are several science colleges in India and their ranking can vary. Further, their ranking may differ according to the course chosen. Meaning, certain colleges are well-known for certain courses and/or streams and it is important to obtain this information before applying. 

Different Courses Offered by Science Colleges 

The top science colleges in India give students the opportunity to specialize in architecture, technology, or software. They can also opt for medicine or pharmacy or science or Humanities subjects including law or even Commerce subjects. But the most popular choices consist of those related to architecture, technology, pure sciences, IT/software, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. Apart from these, there are various lucrative options too, which students can avail off. 

Various Lucrative Options

A student can obtain a B.Sc./Bachelor of Science Degree in various fields including Botany. Other lucrative options include Biochemistry, Allied Medicine, Genetics, Marine Biology, Biomedical Science, Zoology, Physiology, Biophysics, and Microbiology. Apart from this, students can, of course, opt for Bioinformatics, Environmental Science, Food and Agriculture, Allied Medicine or even Biotechnology.

The best science colleges in India offer all these courses, but it is essential for students to conduct thorough research. This makes them aware of the current criteria that make them eligible, as these can change from time-to-time. The availability of all the information further assists them in selecting the most appropriate course.

Students can, of course, go in for further studies after completing their B.Sc. Degree. They can specialize in the area of academics and teach or go into the area of research. They can work in companies/organizations or build their very own company, or work as self-employed individuals. The opportunities are endless, allowing them to build successful careers and even make innovative breakthroughs.




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