Dedicated Servers

Newly launched websites of small startups don’t expect a lot of traffic. This enables them to show maximum performance even on shared hosting at VPS cloud servers. In contrast to that speed and performance significantly dropped if it’s a website of medium or large sized business unit. It becomes unimaginably difficult to manage overall performance and page load speed of the site, especially during peak traffic hours.

If you are facing the same level of difficulties and it’s getting harder for you to keep your site up during business hours, it’s clearly indicating the need to find some better alternative like dedicated servers. If you are wondering why shared data storage becomes insufficient; then continue reading this blog to learn to identify the need of adopting dedicated data storage.

When experiencing a slowdown in speed

Page load speed is an important component for every website. Regular monitoring is essential to maintain its performance. It may sound simple for many who never have done it on their own. In fact, it is the most difficult things to monitor. It’s not about maintaining the speed record; rather it’s about recognizing faults or problems causing this slowdown. There could be several reasons for this slowdown. Typically identified with a significant increase in page load time, database errors and unavailability of specific pages; it often happened due to load on the unit, heavy files or technical coding issues. Keep observing your site, particularly during peak hours to obtain a real picture. Don’t forget to check the error logs to spot out the actual issue.

When software needs for servers is enhanced

This is the most critical issue, which leads you to transfer your web files on a private storage. A shared device possesses a defined software list which can’t be changed or upgraded due to system configuration. After observing error logs and site performance report, you have come to know that your site immediately needs an updated version or new software installation. But existing machine is unable to sustain the load of upgraded versions and new software; you need to migrate to the dedicated machine. As installation of new apps and reinstallation of upgraded software may require more space or switching off the system during installation; vendors can’t proceed without informing other clients sharing space.

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