Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Living one of the most tumultuous lives that an individual can lead, Leonardo da Vinci rose to the height of being an awe inspiring figure during his time. There isn’t any field whare this man did not leave his impressions. Ranging from human anatomy to astronomy, he was a reverred contributor in multiple areas. Known widely for his artworks like Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, he is one of the most enigmatic personalities in art. His followers have deemed him as an era transcending genius with a capability to influence minds by merely coming in contact with him. Many of his initial designs have laid the technical foundation for making the existence of tanks and helicopters possible.

An irrevokable idol:

The life of Leonardo da Vinci has been one of enigma and inspirations. He was a living example of exploring one’s full potential and transcending into the unknown with authority. If you are interested in knowing more about his art online, do visit You will find all his art work and preparatory sketches. There are options to buy and gift his painting too. If you are a collecter, you will cherish what they have in store for you.

The artistic climb of da Vinci:

He grew up in a family of male members with a young stepmother who died soon without bearing any children. Right from his initial years he was filled with curiosity about the things around him. At a young age he had established himself as an explorer who wanted to keep moving forward in spite of a fear of the unkown that he felt. Additionally he was also a celebrated painter who brought buyers from distant lands for his detailed and intricate artwork. The poet Vasari, has celebrated him as being one of his kind with bearing significant influence in any field he tried his hand at. He never received a formal education but was eductaed little in Latin and mathematics. Later on he continued to teach himself all crafts that held interest and promised adventure. Growing up, he had a number of siblings (over forty to be precise) who caused him great trouble at the time of deciding inheritence after his father died.

On reaching pre adolescent age, he enrolled himself as a studio boy in one of the finest art institues in Florence. There he worked upon various masterpieces and created a name for himself. He continued to teach himself other forms of art like music, painting, anatomy, astrology, etc.

He died of stroke at an age of 67. There was a general mourning and his followers grieved his passing. His remains were later examined for suspect of foul play but no evidence was found to support this belief. Historians and renowned authors have often said that there has not been a man of da Vinci’s caliber since. His artwork was preserved wherever it was identified, till the very last of 18th century, his creations continued to turn up.

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