Essential Things to Know before Travelling By Train

Travelling by train is the cheapest and fastest way to travel in a vast country like India. From remote parts of the country, a lot of people travel every day to metro cities by train. Also, the train is one of the best ways to make long journeys as you want a comfortable journey.

While travelling by train, you need to know live train status for confirmation of your tickets. Are you done with checking? Now, you are waiting for the day of travelling. There are certain things you need to know now before having a trip by train. What are those? Let’s find out.

  1. Always Book in Advance

The train is one of the most popular modes of travelling, and that’s why it is always crowded. If you are travelling from a state to another and want to make your journey comfortable, you need to do advance booking as that will ensure ticket availability. Travelling at peak season means you need to book at least 3 months prior to your journey.

  1. Know the Difference between Classes

You should not practice any class discrimination in society, but when you are travelling through the train, you should be very careful about that. Unreserved journeys for long distance are quite tiresome. If you can afford, then go for the AC classes as those offer better services like food, cleanliness, charging point and, most importantly, you can make a private and quiet journey. If that is a bit too much to you, you can still travel in sleeper and non-AC classes.

  1. There Are Female Carriages

Are you travelling alone? There is nothing better than booking tickets at female carriage on public trains. You won’t be disturbed by unwanted situations and can make a peaceful journey throughout. As the ladies’ compartment is comparatively less crowded than the general ones, you can have a place for breathing, at least.

  1. Be Careful about Your Luggage and Pockets

The first one is especially for long distance travelling while the later one is for local trains. It is always the best not to carry any valuables with you while making the journey. But, still, you have luggage and moneybag or purse with you. While making a long journey, use chain, lock and the key to secure your luggage while keeping your purse at the more secure place than back pockets.

  1. Go to the Station Advance

Don’t keep everything for the last moment. If you are boarding from an unknown place, you should always reach the station, keeping time in your hand. You have to find the platform, your coach, and seat number, assemble your luggage and then get on the train. The entire process takes much time.

These are certain things you need to remember while you are boarding on the train. Also, you should be careful about talking to strangers as lots of mishaps take place nowadays. Be a private person on the train and try not to share your journey detail with anyone. Also, carry some dry fruits, books, and earphones to keep you engaged.

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