Bhopal is an ideal place for any thrill and adventure seeking tourist. Not only does it have a really impressive cultural past but there are certain incidents that also mark Bhopal as one of the most tragic places in the history of mankind. In fact the tragic Bhopal gas tragedy is something that the age old citizens of this city are still recovering from.

Well if you are thinking about planning a trip to this city that has something for everyone, then the first thing to do would be reserve a room for your stay at a Bhopal 5 star hotel of your choice. Once you have done your booking and arranged for your tickets, if you are looking forward to exploring the more haunted and spooky side of Bhopal, then here are four places that you cannot afford to give a miss when in the city:

  1. Bhoot Bangla: Just as the name suggests, this is one of the spookiest places in the city. This is an age old bungalow that boasts of impressive architecture but there are only a few who dare to visit it during the day time, let alone at night. Why? Well because local legends say the ghosts and dissatisfied spirits from all over the city have come and stay here. They will harm anybody who dares disturb them at their home and hence a lot of tourists think it is best to avoid this place. If you are daring enough you can give this place a shot.
  2. Dow Industrial Complex: Struck by one of the deadliest manmade disasters in the history of mankind, Bhopal is still reeling from its worst nightmare. It is thus natural that this city will have a haunted place right from where all the mess started. In the wee hours of December 2nd, 1984, a deadly gas began to leak out of the factory at the Dow Industrial Complex and slowly is devoured many innocent lives. Many suffered a painful death and some even suffered deformities throughout generations. Locals say that this industrial complex is till date haunted by the victims of this tragedy and screams and cries can still be heard at night. Spooky or not, this place is certainly haunted by a deadly memory.
  3. Indira Gandhi Hospital: Whoever thought that a well flourishing hospital could be haunted! But if patients, doctors, nurses and staff are to be believed paranormal activities that are downright bone chilling have been experienced her at the fifth floor of the hospital. When you do your online hotel booking in Bhopal you can check out this hospital’s location and pay a visit if you want to.
  4. Shivpuri Fort: Established by Veer Khanderao, this is said to be that place where people go at night, never to come back alive. Khanderao was known for this famous jalsas or gathering that he held from time to time accompanied with dance and music. It is believed that this jalsa is still held every night, here at this deserted fort!

These are the top spookiest places in the city, which if you dare you can care to visit.

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