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Are you planning to sell your home? The first thing you need to do is to take an objective look at your home from the buyer’s perspective. Is there anything that could stop a potential buyer from purchasing the home? From there, focus on eliminating the minor flaws that can deter potential homebuyers from completing the deal. Keep in mind that the only way you are going to sell your home faster is by making it more appealing to the prospective buyers. Of course, an experienced and professional Montreal real estate broker can make all the difference, but these small steps will help you get started.


The first thing that you need to do when planning to sell your property is to separate yourself from your home emotionally. This can also be the hardest thing to do since you associate your home with numerous memories and significant events in your life. However, try to think of your home as a product or physical property and remember the fact that you aren’t selling your memories.

Collect all the family photos and other personal items from your home and keep them away. The bottom line is that when potential buyers tour your home, they are looking at it from their personal perspective and they wouldn’t be interested in buying a home that is still full of personal items.

Take Care of the Kitchen

Once you are through with depersonalization, the next thing you should take care of is your kitchen. The kitchen is still the king in your home. This is where the family will be gathering for food preparation or a chat, so make sure that your kitchen offers a clean and comfortable work environment. Take care of all the minor repairs in your kitchen and repaint it if it isn’t appealing. You should also fix any cupboards and drawers that aren’t in good working condition and even replace the floor if necessary. You should also repair all leaking taps and replace your old sinks with new ones.

Don’t Forget about the Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. Curb appeal offers the first and the most critical impression to potential homebuyers. Although your home could be perfect inside, nobody will want to step inside it if the exterior isn’t appealing. Make sure that you trim all the bushes, get rid of any dead plants and trees, and also aerate your lawn so that it looks attractive. You should also pressure-wash your pave uni driveway, footpaths, and the exterior of your home.

De-clutter and Organize

Getting rid of clutter from your home will allow potential homebuyers to envision themselves in their new home easily. Less clutter will also make your rooms and other spaces appear bigger. This is the perfect time to go through your collections and determine what you need to keep and what you can dispose of. You should also organize your cabinets and closets and allow the buyer to look through every space. Make sure that everything is in its rightful place and your clothes hung neatly in the closets.


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