Halloween 2018

Time has come to wear a scary outfit, carve pumpkins, and have fun with friends. People around the world have many reasons to celebrate Halloween on 31st October every year. Whatever the reason is, you have countless ways to enjoy Halloween 2018.

Whether you have planned to organize a party or you are staying at home, you can make Halloween eve of 2018 exciting by using some unique ideas. Before discussing those creative tricks, it important to know the history of Halloween.

  • Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

The roots of Halloween are ancient. As per some old beliefs, it was the day when evil spirits were released on earth. These spirits are let loose every year. People use masks to hide their face from these evil spirits, they added.

Halloween is also connected with Samhain, a Celtic festival of harvest. In some communities, it is a short version of ‘All Hallows Eve’. Here, Hallows means holy. It means Halloween is a day for all saints.

  • Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween 

The world has been celebrating Halloween for a long time. People are following the same Halloween traditions for decades. They wear scary dresses, decorate pumpkins, throw parties, and attend Halloween events in the neighborhood. 

For Halloween 2018, you can use a variety of creative ideas to make this year’s 31st October more amazing than ever. Some of them are: 

  • Wear A Unique Outfit

Wearing outfit is a years-old Halloween idea, but it is exciting too. As per old notions, people can distract evils by wearing scary outfits. With the time, people have updated their Halloween wardrobe and started wearing unique dresses. Some even design their own Halloween dress.

You can explore the fashion market- online and offline- to find a Halloween outfit of your choice. It can be a dress inspired by your favorite superhero or a movie character.

  • Host An Outdoor Scary-movie Marathon 

If you are planning to host an outdoor event, then make it scarier with a movie marathon. Collect some of the scariest movies and watch them with your friends. Make the place spooky by adding some scary lights and posters.

If kids are also attending the party, then allocate a section of your place where they can enjoy their time watching scary movies that do not cause fear.

  • Tell Ghost Stories

Make Halloween 2018 creepier by inviting all your friends at your place and host a storytelling session where everyone will tell a ghost story. To make the session scarier, plan it in the backyard and decorate the place in a Halloween theme. You can use your music system to make scary noises after regular intervals.

If you want to test yourself and make Halloween as creepy as it can be, then plan an outdoor camping activity at a remote place with your friends. Don’t forget to take some scary stories with you.

  • Host A Party And Serve Halloween-themed Foods/Drinks 

In case you don’t have any plan to go outside and celebrate Halloween, hosting Halloween house party can be a good idea. Apart from decorating your place in a Halloween theme, prepare some dishes around the day. You can create a blend of dark juices that looks like blood.

Get some scary accessories to welcome your guests. They can be t-shirts or customized silicone wristbands. You can customize them keeping your party’s theme in the mind.

  • Make Your Pumpkin Scary: Use A Tape-recorder 

You can make your pumpkin interesting and scarier by installing some lights. Apart from that, you can set a tape-recorder to talk to people and scare them. It will make them feel pumpkin is alive.


Now you know the tricks to make your Halloween 2018 more interesting and scarier than ever. Keep them in your mind and use this Halloween.

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