Storage for Small Spaces

Creating an office in a small space can seem like an impossible task. However, it’s completely achievable with the right office storage furniture. First, it’s important to assess what types of storage you need for items requiring storage. For example, shelves are great for holding books, while cabinets store files and documents more effectively. After you’ve considered what you need, it’s vital to research different office storage options. This will broaden your knowledge of the types of furniture available. Here are six more tips to help you maximise office storage for small spaces.

Choose a Good Supplier

When purchasing any office storage furniture, the supplier must be carefully considered. To ensure they meet your needs, it’s important to choose a supplier of office storage solutions that’s established and reliable. They should also offer an extensive range of styles and colours that suit your space. Choosing the right supplier can be the difference between maximising the storage in your small office and choosing the wrong pieces that clutter your space.

Keep Storage Flexible

When creating an office in a small space, look for office storage systems that are adaptable, light and easy to move around. This means avoiding heavy or bulky items that may take up too much room. One suggestion is to place a mobile pedestal under your desk to maximise the space you have available. You can also choose shelving that can easily be repositioned and adjusted to the desired height. This allows you to prevent clutter from taking over your office.

Choose Multi-Functional Pieces

In a small space, it’s important to choose office storage furniture that’s multi-functional. For example, you should opt for a filing cabinet that can hold important documents in one drawer but also store stationery items in another compartment. This way, your items can remain organised while maximising the space you have available.

Think Vertical

Take advantage of vertical space by placing shelves from wall to wall. The shelves can be built close to the roof, but keep in mind that this can make some items harder to access. A solution for this is to store the things you don’t use often at the top of the shelves and place the more important items lower. This makes it easier to access the things you need while making the most of the space you have.

Take Measurements

Before you commit to any purchases, it’s essential to measure your area carefully. This will ensure you won’t be wasting money on office storage pieces that don’t fit into your space, such as large shelving units or cabinets. 

Opt for a Corner Desk

You can capitalise on space that may otherwise be left wasted by investing in corner desks. Rather than just having desks go straight across, extending them into an L shape means you can have more office storage space to hold files and desk supplies. It’s also important to keep your desk organised. Paperwork left on desks creates clutter and increases the chance of important files being misplaced. Organisation is vital when it comes to taking advantage of small spaces.


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