How the Drug Works as Cocaine

If there was a safe recreational drug, modafinil was the answer. The anti-narcolepsy pill has helped casual and recreational users stay active without the benefit of sleep. Is it related to addiction? No! The drugs that captured your attention had something to do with changing the pleasure-inducing brain chemical (dopamine), but modafinil doesn’t just stop there! In addition, modafinil for sale focuses on dopamine. That was the initial belief, but that’s not the case, according to a new study done on March 17.

The authors stated modafinil isn’t only the latest in a long line of chemical stimulants made to keep users happy, alert, and awake. Additionally, the latest to go straight to the brain’s addiction centers in the process. It was first commercialized for alleviating narcoleptic sleep disorders in 1998, but doctors began prescribing it off-label to manage the early symptoms of schizophrenia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. What starts off medicinal, goes recreational; hence, modafinil soon gained the trust of people who wanted alertness in a pill, either to become more productive or to have fun.

How Scientists Performed Studies on Modafinil

No one was certain how modafinil worked and that combined with the idea that it failed to show the powerful addictive potential of cocaine or crystal meth, resulted in the belief that it was the rare stimulant that left dopamine alone. Hence, the scientists assigned a smaller sample group of 10 men (ages 23-46); some of them got a placebo, while others took either 200 mg or 400 mg (the common dosage) of modafinil. All of their brains were examined using positron-emission tomography (PET scans). The scientists were looking for dopamine activity – not just for overall dopamine levels, but also the behaviors of transporters.

Dopamine transporters do the cleanup work. They remove dopamine after it’s released and recycle it. The more dopamine that’s left in the areas between cells, the longer its rewarding effects on the brain is; hence, limiting the roots of addiction. The PET scans of the men who had taken modafinil confirmed that dopamine, were indeed being blocked by the drug and the overall levels were rising. Methamphetamine, amphetamines, and cocaine all block the dopamine transporters and leave the substance in the extracellular areas. Modafinil does the same! In worse cases, the drug doesn’t do its work generally.

How the Drug with Modafinil 200mg Street Price Works as Cocaine

Modafinil ties to the same area of dopamine transporters as cocaine does. Then, one of the areas in which dopamine levels begin to rise is the nucleus accumbens. Nucleus accumbens is the spot called the addiction central for recreational medications. It’s thought to be the brain’s area critical for the overwhelming effects of drug abuse. If there’s anything that has so far prevented modafinil from becoming widely abused, it’s that it appears to lack the one-two element of other stimulates.

For example, amphetamines just don’t block the cleanup function of dopamine transporters but boost overall output at the same time. That’s seemed like terminating your trash pickup at the same time you increase the volume you’re throwing away. Modafinil stops at the first step – terminating the garbage trucks. To learn more about modafinil, check this out.

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