tudents of across all Diversities

Writing term papers, projects, thesis, etc. can be a tedious task for even the most gifted scholar. To accumulate enough data and record it systematically in your own words can stump hard working students. They like spending their time in libraries, reading new things, or doing a practical. They detest sitting behind a screen and pounding away for long hours. They can sit easy now, knowing that they have someone who can make available their term papers at a short given notice. They can search for it online; make their inquiries and place orders, all of this site.

students of across all Diversities

How do they work?

  • Acquiring orders: The first step that is involved in this process is of the enquiry that the customer makes. They give a reply based on the demands and the customer places his or her order. This makes for the second step, acquiring the order. Before any work is started on the newly acquired order, the payment has to be made, the third and final step.
  • Estimating orders: Any order that is received is measured on three parameters. The first is the length of the paper that has to be worked upon. The company has a minimum number of pages requirements that has to be met. The second is the academic level of the paper. It is necessary that this assessment be made beforehand so that it can be assigned to the concerned writer. The final parameter is the deadline. When the paper is coming due.
  • Assigning writer: After all assessments have been made, the project is assigned to a certified writer. He or she has prior experience in this field and is tasked with the timely completion of the project. Thereafter periodic evaluations are made for keeping a check on the progress of the paper.
  • Communication with customer: All through these steps, the customer is kept duly informed about the status of his or her project. This is necessary because it enables the customer to make last minute modifications and/or special demands (these are charged additionally). These demands are incorporated and the project is completed accordingly. The customer is informed once the project is finished and asked to collect it.
  • Quality assurance: They ensure the quality of the project through various quality checks that they perform for both, the writer and the paper. It goes through a series of edits and is checked for authenticity, grammar and formatting. In case it fails any check point; it is sent back to be worked upon again.

Hiring of writers:

  • Evaluation: Before a writer is hired, he or she has to go through a few tests that ensure their competency to get the job done. Every new writer has to take this test. They are asked to present before the evaluation committee their sample articles which are checked to assess the applicant’s grasp over language and his or her knowledge.
  • Educating personnel: Even after hiring, every writer has to undergo a three month period of mentoring under a senior writer. During this time, their skills are further sharpened and they are encouraged to continue their self development.

Customer feedback:

The comments of those who hired their services are highly valued. Domytermpaper.com goes through each comment to ensure a cent per cent satisfaction rate. Based on the feedback they get, they work on improving or maintain their quality standards. If you have any queries or complaints after using their services, you can reach them through the comments section and where you will surely receive a reply.

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