Trip to Ahmedabad

Well are you thinking about visiting one of the most premier tourist destinations in the country? Thinking about planning a trip to Ahmedabad? Well if you have never been to this place before, then you might need some help with planning the trip and then of course executing it properly. The trick is that if you have a proper plan then roaming about and covering all the places of interest in the city will not be a problem at all!

So want to know how to plan the perfect trip to the lovely city of Ahmedabad? Well then here are some pointers that are bound to come in handy, so that you can enjoy a lovely time:

  1. Your first step would be to take a look at some of the best hotels in Gujarat India and book the one that you like the most in Ahmedabad. When planning a trip it is important that you have a comfortable stay since you will need to relax your limbs a little at the end of a tiring day of sightseeing. Hence you will first have to get the hotel booking done in time.
  2. The next thing that you will have to do is plan a budget for your trip. It is very important to have a planned budget according to your estimated expenses. It is even more important to stick to your budget when you are on the trip. When calculating the budget do not forget to take into account the major costs like travel bookings, hotel bookings, car bookings and the various ancillary costs that you will have to bear in case of a trip. Ahmedabad is a fairly budgeted place; hence you will need to have sufficient amount of money with you.
  3. You next step would be to plan the duration of the stay. In order to fix upon a proper time period of stay, you will have to take into account the places that you want to visit. For example it might be so that the Sabarmati Ashram and the Calico textile museum are a must visit on your list. So you need to find out how you can travel from one place to another, how much time might it take and so on before your finalise the duration of your stay.
  4. The right time to visit Ahmedabad is during the winter months. Firstly because the weather remains perfect for tourism during this time of the year and you will be able to sightsee and cover a lot of places. Secondly, this is also the time of many festivals in Ahmedabad like Navratri in October or November and MakarSankranti in the second week of January. Just make sure that you have your reservation at any one of the Ahmedabad India hotels done beforehand since this is the peak tourist season.
  5. And finally do make sure that you find time for some fun in Ahmedabad, like spending a relaxing evening at the Kankaria Lake and visiting the ManekChowk for some delicious food at night.

So these are some of the most important points to bear in mind when it comes to planning a trip to Ahmedabad.

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