Australia Tourist Visa

The tourism industry is blooming at a very fast pace as many people are choosing to spend their vacations by going out and visiting foreign nations. There are many Indians who have settled abroad for job purpose or for higher studies and their family members visit them from time to time.

But in order to visit any other country you need to first apply and acquire the visa for that particular nation. Thanks to the growing friendship between India and other nations, the procedure to get enrolled in a visa program for several countries have been made quite convenient.

Those of you who are planning for a trip to Australia, well now you can easily find out what all documents are required to be submitted from the official tourism websites. All the procedures are mentioned properly so that the applicants do not face any kind of trouble in getting the visa.

How to apply for tourist visa program for Australia?

There are various visa categories under which the applicant can apply for getting a visa to the Australian nation. For those who want to visit Australia for tourism purpose like holiday or to visit a family member or any close friend, they need to apply under the visitor visa subclass 600. With this particular visa the holder can go on a trip to Australia for vacation or for attending any business meetings.

Following are some of the basic requirements for applying under this visa subclass:-

  • The applicants are required to carry with them sufficient amount of cash balance.
  • There are certain health related certificates which needs to be submitted.
  • Applicants need to assure the concerned authorities that the purpose of their visit is tourism.

What are the requirements for Indian citizens for Australian tourist visa?

The Australia tourist visa requirements from India are mentioned as follows:-

  • The Indian citizens should poses valid passport.
  • The application form needs to be downloaded from the official website and duly filled.
  • Personal details about the applicant like information about passport and travel details.
  • Identity proof like Adhaar card needs to be carried in original as well as a valid photocopy of the same.
  • Certain financial documents also need to be submitted along with the application form.
  • A photograph with a clear image of the applicant.
  • Payment for the visa has to be online via credit or debit card.

Things to keep in mind:-

Those of you who are planning to apply for Australia tourist visa from India needs to keep certain important things in mind. The tourist visa holder does not get the right to indulge in any sort of business activities in the Australian nation. This visa allows you to travel to Australia for holiday purpose only.

The immigration officer will make sure that the sole purpose of your visit is just for recreational activities and nothing else. Only when the officer is fully satisfied, he will grant you the tourist visa to Australia.

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