Professional Bird Control

Please don’t act alone

If your commercial or domestic space is a local haunt for nesting or feeding birds, please contact a leading bird control specialist like Apex Environmental Services to discuss the appropriate course of action.

Trying to manage bird infestations yourself is frequently time and energy consuming and yields little reward, moreover you could inadvertently break one of the pieces of legislation which pest controllers and the public must adhere to. A licensed firm operates in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 under General Licence and Natural England’s rules.

A professional will carry out a comprehensive survey and evaluate the most effective bird control measure for your needs and budget. The species of the birds involved often determines the method used.

Bird netting and mesh are two viable means used to counteract a bird infestation. Both are humane and cost effective, providing lasting results and freedom from a health and safety, comfort and operational issue.

Bird netting

Discreet black, stone or translucent anti-bird netting provides a formidable shield which prevents birds from accessing spaces.

The optimum performance bird netting is available in several gauges, including 19mm, 50mm and 75mm. The species of bird determines the gauge used.

The bird netting poses no threat to health or life, but it frustrates them, and so they are eventually persuaded to relocate to an easier position.

Resistant to environmental and chemical threats, the installation won’t rust or rot.

It is the client’s choice whether to opt for a permanent bird netting installation or a removable option. A superior quality perimeter framework cable is securely fastened using fixings, the tension in the cables is then heightened when the net has been installed.

Bird mesh

Robust bird mesh installations suit all bird infestation sizes and species and can be temporary or permanent. The mesh can be fixed to almost any surface, for example, concrete or bricks and may be cut to any size. Accidental damage and vandalism risks are minimal; this is why bird mesh is frequently used in heavy pedestrian traffic areas, in small or awkward spaces.

As with bird netting, the birds are frustrated because they cannot proceed through the mesh, but they are left physically unharmed.

The mesh is produced utilising innovative high quality and rust proof materials in a range of colours which don’t detract from the surroundings. It is a proven effective deterrent.

Guano clearance

You may not consider that birds are anything more than a nuisance but the abundance of guano (bird droppings) produced by an infestation present serious health and safety risks including salmonella and psittacosis. Please do not task guano clearance to an unqualified person.

Bird netting and mesh installers are also fully competent at guano removal and checking for secondary flea infestations. They are provided with the appropriate PPE and RPE (personal and respiratory protective equipment) and dispose of the hazardous waste responsibly, in line with the law, social and environmental concerns.

Please contact bird control specialists today to secure an efficient solution to your bird infestation problem.

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