SAP ABAP an overview

There are various languages used in computer programming and some of which are very crucial in major business processes. A certain company called SAP releases programs which are used by almost every big enterprise. One of these is called the ABAP, which is German for Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor or roughly translated general report creation processor.

The language was developed for more technical users and had a host of features. All of the components are stored in a data dictionary; here is an overview of some of the components of the dictionary:

  • The ABAP Dictionary is descriptive of the objects used in application development and shows how they map accordingly to the databases in a relative manner. This is displayed in tables or views.
  • In ABAP, there are three important aspects; tables, structures and views. Tables are always defined independently of the database. The rest are all defined and activated separately. Once activated they are available system-wide, thus ensuring integrity, security and consistency of data.
  • Tables, domains and data elements all help define the data in the ABAP dictionary. Domains are utilized for technical definitions and tables and data elements are used for the more semantic definition. Fields are also a subsection of tables and are always maintained within one; the field in a table refers to its data elements.
  • The data element is descriptive of exactly one role in a domain. In particular a business context for its dependent fields.
  • Data elements are dependent on the existence of a domain; they also determine how a field is shown to the end-user. They also appear separately and are objects in their own rights. Since data elements are objects, they can be reused once they are well defined. This can be among other fields or in the same table.
  • It also is descriptive of the technical attributes and the meaning of the field in a table. It is responsible for the semantic definition of a field; which includes the field labels required for display.
  • For describing the technical characteristics of an attribute of a business object, the domain is used as the centralized object. It does so by describing the value range of the field; which is done by specifying things such as external format and length. This specification of values, however, restricts the value range.
  • Their purpose is to ensure that there is a consistency in data. For any new entry of data, it should be checked against all other previous entries to ensure there is no contradiction. If a combination of fields is used as a primary key in another table, then the fields also come under foreign keys.

SAP ABAP is a very important programming language used by many companies like STechies. It is designed to be the language to program the SAP application server. This is a part of the NetWeaver platform, which is designed to help build various types of business applications. Therefore it is wise to pick up classes and take up important topics for SAP ABAP course.

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