Reasons to Wax Your Car

When it comes to maintaining the original shine of vehicle body; you will need to do some extra efforts. Washing and wiping the body of your car are not enough. Regular waxing is the best way to lock the luster of original body paint. In addition to maintaining the body shine, it offers a list of benefits to an auto owner. Whether you are short of time or you don’t know how to wax a car; you can take help from professional detailers.

Below I am sharing few important reasons, every vehicle owner should know, if he is denying waxing his car.

Exceptional shine

Who doesn’t want a shiny car? In fact, everyone wants the same. If you are also seeking for the result oriented procedure, then polishing is the easiest way to achieve this glossy look of brand new vehicle. Generally, carnauba based compound is used. It has the capability to offer deep clear shine. Synthetic paint sealants are also used to lock the natural shine.

Definite protection

If metallic body of a vehicle is left untreated; either with wax or sealant, then it becomes highly susceptible to get effected with acids, bugs and other corrosive materials. These compounds settle down on the painted surface and damage it after producing scratches. Though repainting can fix this issue, it is often expensive. However, a layer of protectant creates a perfect shield and protects body from these contaminants after embedding contaminants attacking vehicle body.

Trouble-free washing

As it creates a protective layer all over the auto body, it doesn’t allow bugs, sap and drippings to make a direct contact with the paint. Whenever an auto is exposed to excessive dirt and acidic contaminants; you can conveniently wash them off and wipe. A protective layer will help you to remove these contaminants without causing scratches on the body.

Reduced paint chipping

Chipping is appearance of small scratches, which are caused during driving at high speeds. Tiny rocks and stones can jump and hit the painted body and scrapped out painted surface. This situation can be prevented after coating the body with wax. This significantly reduces the friction between the debris and moving vehicle and decrease paint chipping.

Sealed scratches

A clear coat of wax can efficiently seal shallow scratches and make them almost invisible. Filling small scratches is often a good idea instead of removing paint and repaints the patch to fix scratches.

No more hard water & greasy spots

Hard water and grease spots are annoying. No matter how hard you try to clean them they never seem to disappear. These stubborn spots can be easily prevented after treating the body with suitable sealant. These spots appear, if a non-coated auto body is washed with hard water. Actually, these spots are formed due to minerals and salts present in hard water. Coated body is extremely smooth and don’t let these minerals to stick on the surface and makes it easier to maintain a spotless appearance.

Satisfactory protection against excess of sunlight

Despite all the suggestions about parking in shades, sometimes it becomes unavoidable to park your vehicle under direct sunlight. Regular exposure to sunshine and UV rays steal the shine of original body paint. Again waxing will help you maintain the luster of original paint.

Endnote: Don’t panic after estimating the cost waxing at professional detailer shop. If you know how to wax your car you will save not only good money, but also prolong the shine of original paint.

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