Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and joyous rides of a woman’s life as it gives women a chance to give and nurture a new life. However, along with all the joy and hope, often uneasiness and discomfort can tag along. The life and the health of the gradually growing foetus entirely depends upon the care provided to the mother during gestation. Therefore, proper awareness is very crucial and hence all sort of discomforts and their solutions should be informed and known beforehand.

There are many complications that may arrive and interfere during the time of pregnancy, some of them being skin disorders while pregnant, respiratory disorders, mental health issues, digestive system disorders, issues in heart and blood and various other kinds of infections and pain due to other conditions and exposures. Skin disorders are very common in pregnancy, but many of them are often unknown or ignored. Some of the skin issues are as follows:

  • Acne- Acne is a very common inflammatory skin condition that causes lumps, spots and pimples on different body parts like face, shoulder, back, neck et cetera. During pregnancy, the chances of getting acne increase due to an increase in hormonal level especially during the first trimester which further causes an increase in the skin’s production of excess and unwanted oil. Dealing with acne can be pretty tricky as extra caution needs to be taken against unsafe treatments like the use of Isotretinoin and some other antibiotics and topical treatments. as they can increase the risk of birth defects also causing bone growth and discolouration of teeth.
  • Actinic keratosis- Actinic keratosis also known as polar keratosis is identified when rough scaly patches occur on the face, hands, arms and the neck due to excess and prolonged sun exposure. They begin at the age of 30s and 40s so they can it can coexist with pregnancy causing uneasiness. They can also increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Eczema- Eczema, popular known as dermatitis is a condition where patches of skin become red flaky rough and itchy. If a woman has this condition before pregnancy, then the situation may worsen during it. It is caused due to environmental and genetic factors. this condition caused by pregnancy is usually treated through ointments and moisturisers. Methotrexate like Traxail and Rasuvo or PUVA should be avoided in pregnancy as they can harm the foetus.
  • Psoriasis- psoriasis is a skin disorder in which skin cells build up and form elevated and thick scales and itchy patches. This disorder is highly characterised by an overabundance of cells called keratinocytes. It is caused due to inflammation under the deep layers of skin and other body tissues. Over the counter options such as petroleum jelly and mineral oil are considered safer options for pregnancy women. Photochemotherapy should be ignored in pregnancy along with most oral medications.

Proper medication and treatment is very necessary for all the above mentioned skin disorders for the cure and prevention from further uneasiness. However some of the medications do more harm than good like Acticlate, Aczone gel, Silenor, Topical acne treatments, Vanos, Veregen, Vituz and Corticosteroids. It is always best and safest to consult your doctor before starting regretful diagnosis as with skin disorder pregnancy can get tougher than usual.


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