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In simple words, bulk SMS forms the dissemination of a great number of messages towards the mobile of the users. It makes an efficient manner to commune with consumers, at whatever time they happen to be within the consumer journey. Though this kind of marketing is being used for a number of years now, it is a very efficient mode to access the consumers, get better consumer engagement, and promote conversions. It is far better as compared to email as the emails have got certain limitations, which is not the case with the SMS. Below are stated a few benefits of bulk SMS:

Open rates

Almost ninety-eight per cent messages happen to be opened and read by their receivers, and it has an average time of five seconds. This is very much impressive however in comparison to the twenty per cent open rate on average of email it is far better. Not to talk of the reality that twenty per cent of e-mails those happen to be really opened and average open time on them is nearly forty-eight hours. Hence, in case you wish to ensure that your conveyed message is viewed by the large group of people found within your marketing database you better go for SMS always. To get this facility, you must buy bulk SMS in Delhi from its provider to compete with your competitors.

Flexibility and rapidity

All businesses must be prepared to retort to the fluidity found in the present day business world because adaptableness and flexibility are solutions to responding to the ever altering conditions of the market. With near zero lead time consumed in the bulk SMS marketing, you are in a position to initiate the campaigns and deliver them to the audience that is targeted just in the time of minutes. This may be utilised to clear pending stocks on some slow day. The bulk SMS permits enterprises to instantly retort to the happenings of a particular day or to counter the promotions of your competitor immediately.

Low –priced & high ROI

TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, and nearly all kinds of outdoor advertising tend to be cost exorbitant for the majority of the mid-sized and small businesses. This bulk SMS, on the contrary, possesses an extremely low operational and set up expenses that campaigns may be initiated and put into operation just for the small amount of costs linked with the extra traditional methods of marketing. You cannot get in touch with thousands of consumers just in the time span of a few seconds for some dollars without contacting bulk SMS provider companies in Delhi.

With this aspect of being economical and high ROI, bulk SMS marketing makes a nearly important marketing tool needed by any current SME.


The days when owners of business and marketing managers were capable of conveying marketing messages into the air with the aim that they would directly target the desired audience. For any organisation having one eye on expenses, it is at present crucial that each marketing message must be well-targeted to serve the purpose intended.


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