Recharge apps

Recharge apps are the panacea for time-strapped busy individuals who need to recharge their connections in a jiffy.

The earliest iterations of payment apps were anomalies in the Indian payments space. After all, these virtually unknown players could hardly be trusted to transfer money in a secure manner, could they? But over time, as our use of digital payment systems increased and people began to rely more heavily on e-payment modes over cash, recharge apps began to make their appearance as well.

What are recharge apps?

As the name suggests, recharge apps are phone applications that facilitate recharges of phone and DTH connections. All you have to do is enter the phone or DTH number, and proceed to pay the recharge amount online. Recharge apps are free to use and download in India – you will find them on Google Play Store (for Android phones) and iTunes (for iPhones).

Simply install the app and set it up using your personal information (name, phone number, email ID) and then link the app with your bank account using your card credentials. You can also choose a payment option from the ones listed on the app – UPI app, net banking, etc.

How recharge apps are changing the game in the payments space

There are several reasons why recharge apps have upped the ante on secure and seamless digital payments in India.

  • The apps are easy to install and anybody can use them. Sufficient practice enables you to use the app whenever you wish.
  • Some recharge apps like the myAirtel app also offer bill payment facility for phones, broadband and also household utilities. These are multi-use apps that are most convenient for users, so that you don’t need different apps for different needs.
  • The best recharge apps today offer good cash back options and massive discounts on recharging the phone or DTH connection. Take a cue through the myAirtel app, which has a cash back on every single recharge that you do.
  • The apps are efficient and offer security for online payments. Most of them complete the payment in real time using an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your registered mobile number. Others allow the use of UPI apps like BHIM or mobile wallets to debit the recharge money. Your safety and online security as a user are maintained with leading recharge apps.

The best recharge apps today…

When looking for a good recharge app, check for these attributes:

  • Multi-payment options: cards, net banking, UPI app, mobile wallet linkage
  • Multi-use modality, like the myAirtel app. It can be used for bill payments and recharges by both Airtel and non-Airtel users
  • Bug-free, lag-free, clutter-free interface
  • Immediate processing of payment, instead of a wait time taken by the mobile service provider
  • Highest levels of online security for your money
  • Regular software updates to keep ahead of bugs, new hacking methods and other issues

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