Trend of Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day in the year isthe Valentine’s Day. Let us see the importance of the day in today’s generation.

In the past, the significance of valentines was very different. These days, Valentine’s Day is all about kiss day,hug day etc. People celebrate the week before the actual day by allotting each day with special names. It starts right from the 7th of February and goes on until the 14th of February. These 7 days you might see the young generation looking for kiss day status for whatsapp to dedicate them to their love interests.

But, before we talk about what the scenario is in the present times; let us see what it was back then?

The origination of the day goes back to the 5th century and was actually a Roman thing. The day is also very popularly known as Saint Valentine’s Day. There are several stories and myths associated with the annual holiday. But, the most common one includes the one where the roman saint that is saint valentine was imprisoned and was charged against performing wedding rituals for the forbidden soldiers. Because of this very reason, Saint Valentine was imprisoned and later executed.

The years after his execution people started to express their love with flowers and greeting cards, making a romantic gesture thus making the day a romantic gesture. In different parts of the world, the day is observed in different and unique ways. But the underlying principle still remains the same.

Now years have passed by and today everybody is familiar with the day. And the young generation has gone a step ahead and extended the celebration a week before the day. For those, who still don’t know how the sequence goes, let me help you out.

  • 7thFebruary: Rose Day
  • 8thFebruary: Propose Day
  • 9thFebruary: Chocolate Day
  • 10thFebruary: Teddy Day
  • 11thFebruary: Promise Day
  • 12thFebruary: Hug Day
  • 13thFebruary: Kiss Day
  • 14thFebruary: Valentine’s Day

So, this was the list and you have nothing to worry because the list never changes. So, if you have been dying to ask someone out, you can do it officially in a couple of months. Look for some of the best propose day whataspp status hindior English as per your convenience and make sure your loved one gets to know what you have been hiding all along.

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