Perfect Pizza

Canadians love Pizza! With a pizza restaurant on every high street, it isn’t surprising that Canada’s pizza consumption is only behind the US and UK. The average Canadian eats pizza at least once every week. However, we don’t seem to appreciate the effort that goes into making a perfect pizza.  Creating a bubbly and crunchy pizza at home or in your restaurant may seem like a challenging task since there are so many variables that you need to consider to make it perfect.

We gathered some of the best pizza-making tips from some of the top chefs that will help turn your kitchen or pizzeria into something else. Follow these simple tips if you want to make a perfect pizza either at home or in your pizzeria.

Add Warm Water and More Yeast to Your Dough

Always heat your water to attain a temperature of between 95oF and 115oF before you add it to the other ingredients for your pizza dough. You should also add at least one teaspoon more yeast than what the recipe states. The slightly warmer water and the higher amount of yeast are meant to make your dough rise more quickly so that it becomes ready to cook sooner. Remember the fact that yeast performs at its most optimal levels that are around 87oF.

Knead Your Dough By Hand

There is no any other way around it: In fact, kneading your dough by hand will give it the best texture, and it is also a good upper body exercise. Pressing by hand will make your pizza dough come together quickly. You should only stop the kneading once you realize that the dough feels more cohesive and firm.

Once you are through with the kneading, allow your dough some time for it to settle. This is the right time to place your dough in an oiled bowl and cover it with a slightly warm towel. The warmth will allow it to triple in size.

Fold-In Some Extra Ingredients

Once you are sure that the dough is thoroughly mixed, feel free to add in some personalized ingredients such as sugar, salt, oil, spices, and even herbs. The best way to incorporate your extra ingredients into your dough is by dropping the extras into the bowl and folding them into the dough so that they can mix well.

However, you should avoid adding too many ingredients to your dough if you are preparing pizza for sale in your pizza restaurant. The folding of the ingredient into the dough will help you to obtain the exact amount of every ingredient you wish to incorporate into the dough.  But, you also need to be careful to avoid over-mixing your dough.

Avoid Over-topping Your Pizza

The most important thing that you should always keep in mind while preparing your pizza is that all your ingredients need to work together without any one of them dominating over the others. If you are a beginner pizza maker, you may be tempted to throw everything that you love on top of your pizza, but the disadvantage is that you will only end up with a huge and conflicting mess. Focus on only a few flavors and ingredients and only add half of what you think should go on top of your crust.

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