Historic Building Renovation

Historical properties have their own individuality. They have their own importance and so refurbishment for such historical places need to be done with utmost care so that their importance doesn’t get lost with the renovation. The redesigning needs to be done very sympathetically so that there is no distortion of its historical importance.

The designing for the property refurbishment needs to be done very tactfully. Instead of using the modern techniques and giving it a modern touch the design must be adapted according to the original building so that its unique scale and historic importance remains intact. The Property Refurbishment for the historical properties needs to be done so that the ages old property can be saved from ruins. Protection should be the goal and not modernisation.

While giving any historic property for refurbishment care should be taken that the company is a member of Society for Protection of Ancient Building (SPAB). It will assure that the property is refurbished as per norms and there is no distortion of the ancient value.

While any historic property refurbishment is going on following care should be taken:

  • Eyes should be kept open. You might come across any piece of history which should be retained.
  • Roof spaces should be carefully examined and it’s starts must be determined s
  • Any piece of sculptures should be preserved in its original state as far as possible.
  • While refurbishing the ancient monuments and places of public attraction, safety must also be taken care of. The monuments must be restored in its origins state without distorting its ancient importance.

Property Refurbishment v/s Property Maintenance:-

This is a very crucial decision required to be made. That is whether the property needs to be maintained or whether it should be refurbished. First of all let us understand the basic differences between the two. In property maintenance the property is kept in its original form. Only repair and maintenance work is taken. On the other hand in property Refurbishment the old and distorted pieces are replaced by new ones. So the question arises what should be undertaken. As far as historic properties are considered property should be maintained as gas as possible. But as the property is of ancient times it gets worn out and as a result maintaining becomes an expensive affair. Besides it might be risky also like the ceiling might fall and accidents might occur. So it is better it is refurbished and the worn out parts are replaced with a new one keeping in mind the historic importance of the refurbished property.

Property Refurbishment specialists:- 

For renovation if historic properties it is better to appoint a professional Property Refurbishment specialist. They couple the traditional construction method with modern conservation techniques, listed building contractors thereby securing the life of the historical property with the help of their skilled craftsmen. Work of historic Refurbishment includes stone cleaning, mortar joints repointing, restoration of stained and broken glasses, using ornate plasterwork etc.

Property Refurbishment definitely adds to the life of the historic property and prevents it from becoming ruins.

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