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Pop Art is a form of painting that has been quite popular today. This form of art can be seen in many things that are related to daily usage. From dresses to draperies, from purses to carpets, there are a lot of objects being styled by using Pop Art. What make this form of art popular are its lively colors, entertaining images and relevant themes.

The contribution of Peter Max in American Pop Art

While the conventional arts are more about the subjects of past, royalty, tradition and ethics, the pop art are known to showcase the common things to the world of art. This form of art is known to be more creative, attractive and easy to understand.

Pop Art by Peter Max is known for its variety and adaptability and this is what that has made him one of the most renowned artists today. His first art has been related with the counter culture, psychedelic movements, and neo-expressionism. The element that makes the artworks by Peter different from other artworks is the use of spurts of hue along with American symbols and icons. He has worked in multiple media which include painting, designs, drawing, collage, and sculpture, digital imagery, print making, and video.

As a well-known American artist, Peter has in depth knowledge about the advent of pop art in America. He states that this art form has been inspired from the topics of intangible expressionist paintings.  According to Mr. Max, pop art gradually formed a trend by presenting real world images in the world of art. This form of art is not cryptic like the conventional arts, and thus it becomes easier for the common people to understand.

Till date pop art continues to be addressed as an effective artwork and it has become very clear that this type of art is much more than just an art work, and it is hard to disregard as one can see it anywhere they go. The use of pop art nowadays can be seen in vibrant birthday cards, t-shirt designs, badges, posters, calendars, canvas. The thing that has made this art enthrall the culture even today is its usage of bright colors and interesting themes.

Earlier, the art of Peter Max has been categorized by celestial ambiguities, dark line work, and penetrating bursts of colors which at that moment served as a vital part of the psychedelic and counterculture movement till new printing methods have been introduced for the work to be copied on product merchandises. This is the reasons as to why the art of Peter has been eventually certified to around seventy two corporations and his position has been escalated to celebrity rank. Peter’s art till date continues to inspire the fashion as at present American apparel has started a product line by the name Neo Max which focuses mainly on the artwork and designs of Peter.

As of now Max stays in New York City with his children.

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