Sick leave in UAE

Any employee who has passed the probation period of three months in a company is entitled to the sick leave.

According to the article 83 (2) of the Federal Law No. 8 which is related to the employees; any employee who has passed the probation period will be able to get the sick leave in case he needs it. Also, the salary of the sick leave period will not be deducted and the employee will be able to get the whole salary as per the laws and orders. Employment lawyers in Dubai, UAE can be of good help to those who are facing problem regarding their salary or other company related benefits. They know what the employees deserve and what their rights are. So, if any of the employers behave like he won’t pay the employees what they deserve, they will have to face court trials. Go to this link  to

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A time period of sick leave

A person will be able to enjoy the sick leave for no more than 90 days and after those 90 days, his salary will start getting deducted.

The criteria for sick leave salary

A person who is on his sick leave will get full salary for the first 15 days and for the rest of the days, the person will get half of his salary but the whole of the salary will not be deducted after the probation period of the employee.

First 15 days of sick leave

A person will be granted his full salary in the first 15 days of his sick leave after the probation period and if any employee negates that, it would be considered illegal. No employee can deduct the salary of the employees during their first 15 days of sick leave. It is against the laws in UAE and the employers should obey them no matter what.

Laws are complicated but not that much

People seem like they are afraid of laws and that is the reason why they do not bother to learn about them. If a person will not concentrate on the laws, he would not be able to know what he deserves and what his rights are. For those people, it is really important to know what they are entitled to and what not. Get UAE labour law legal advice about Dubai employment law.

Know the law

After the completion of the first 3 months of the job continuously, an employee can take the sick leave in case he falls ill or faces a serious diseased condition. The period of sick leave will be 90 days and not more than that. After the first 15 days, the pay will be reduced to half but the full payment will be granted to the person at the start of his sick leave.

If your employer has told you that you will not be granted your pay during the sick leave, you must consult the lawyers in Dubai from top law firms in Dubai UAE. They know it better how to deal with such employers. Do not worry at all and claim what’s yours with the help of labour lawyers in Dubai.

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